Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Across Nigeria, we’re investing in women from disadvantaged communities by training them to become Mobile journalists (MoJos), under an age-old apprenticeship model that creates and grows a sustainable, diverse talent pipeline.

Oluwafisayo James (Lead MoJo)
Aishat Feyishara Abdulraheem

THE SMARTPHONE IS THE NEW NEWSROOM. Based on the ubiquity and ease of use of smartphones, Bank & Entrepreneur Africa is teaching an entire new generation of journalists how to capture big stories with small camera phones. It’s called mobile journalism (MoJo).

Our MoJo4TheMasses programme trains females from disadvantaged communities to research and capture entrepreneurship news from their local communities and across the world – using their mobile phones. The MoJo ladies are provided with simple tools to build good quality journalism, ensuring they file stories that are verifiable and fact-checked.

The MoJo4TheMasses project re-skills ladies and sets them up for financial independence by increasing their earning capacity. Fisayo and Aisha (both teachers, in their 20s, earning less than $20 per month, and married with children) are our very first trainees.

Our next growth stage is to establish a MoJo Academy, where 1,000 MoJo ladies will be trained across Africa, in the next five years.


Fisayo has a history with Bank & Entrepreneur Africa. In 2018, she started out under our Lady Vendor Project, which offered Nigeria’s low- (or no-) income females the chance to become part-time distributors of the publication. Earning 50% of the magazine cover price, Fisayo quickly became more financially secure, and gained respect in her community. Today, she’s excited to pivot with us, upskilling from pushing print, to navigating a digital storytelling platform.